Research Projects

Below are some of the projects being undertaken by members of our group. For more complete picture of the breadth of topics studied in our group, please visit the websites of individual research labs and faculty members.

Project Descriptions

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Automated Tumor Resection [tumorCNC]

This program focuses on developing a prototype of an automated brain tumor resection device that uses laser ablation and intraoperative feedback to precisely [...]

driverless car

Boredom and Driverless Cars

Current research in the Humans and Autonomy Lab is investigating whether functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) can be used to reliably detect cognitive [...]

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Device for Nonlinear Surgical Access [brainworm]

Decades of using rigid tooling has trained surgeons to plan for the linear surgical approach. Our team is attempting to provide alternatives to surgeons such [...]

mobile networking

Distributed Real-Time Optimization of Mobile Wireless Networks

The goal of this project is to develop a novel distributed control framework to let mobile wireless nodes move as dictated by their assigned tasks, while [...]

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Drones in Gabon (DIG)

We are partnering with the Nicholas School of the Environment, as well as a conservationist group at Wonga Wongue National Park in Gabon, Africa to develop a [...]

network coordination

Optimal Communication for Fast In-Network Coordination

The goal of this project is to develop a new framework where teams of mobile robots self-engineer the structure of their communication network in order to [...]


Robots and people working hand in hand

Research in the Humans and Autonomy Lab is investigating the development of heterogeneous manned-unmanned teaming environments for complex, safety critical [...]

Task Allocation for ALIAS (Automated Labor In-Cockpit Automation System)

This program seeks to provide an autonomous system that can be flexibly installed into any aircraft (fixed wing or rotorcraft) in the DoD inventory to provide [...]