Robotics is a highly cross-disciplinary field, and Duke Robotics offers courses and degree programs to train our students with a breadth of expertise in the area. Our teaching goals are to give students exposure to a wide variety of skills needed in both industry and academia, including software, hardware, electronics, design, system integration, and social implications of robotics. Prospective graduate students should follow this link for more information about applying.


  • Undergraduate courses in robotics and closely related areas are offered in the CS, ECE, and MEMS departments.  ECE has a two-class robotics concentration program (ECE 383 / ECE 496) intended for juniors and seniors.  MEMS offers controls and robotics classes, and many students take on robotics projects for their senior design capstone.
  • Robotics is offered as a PhD concentration area in the MEMS and ECE departments, with students taking courses mostly according to a recommended curriculum.
  • Robotics PhD students in CS and BME will coordinate a suitable course of study with their primary advisor and graduate advisors.