• “Duke Robotics hosts the Durham Academy GEMS club (Girls in Engineering, Math and Science)”

    The GEMS club was introduced to robotics and was able to see the NASA climbing robot (in the picture), a manufacturing robot, drones, and the Da Vinci surgical robot. Then they got to put their own robot together making a bee out of a soda can that moved and buzzed.

  • Automated Tumor Resection

    Researchers in the Brain Tool Lab are rethinking surgical robotics as they design a device for automated tumor resection.

  • Rock-climbing Robots

    Dr. Hauser's lab is pushing the boundaries of motion planning and sensing for locomotion in difficult terrain, by augmenting JPL's RoboSimian quadruped robot with the ability to climb a rock wall.

  • Autonomous Surgical Robots

    Dr. Cummings' lab is using the da Vinci Surgical System to study how automation of low-level task will affect training of medical school residents.

  • Tele-nursing robots

    Kris Hauser's lab has been developing the Tele-Robotic Intelligent Nursing Assistant robot as a first step to allow nurses to remotely care for infectious or immunocompromised patients.

Welcome to Duke Robotics!


The Duke Robotics group was established in 2014 to encompass the significant and growing robotics community at Duke. It is a cross-disciplinary association of research labs and teaching faculty spanning three departments (CS, ECE, and MEMS) and two schools (Pratt and Trinity) on Duke University campus. Its founding was due to an effort led by the Pratt School of Engineering and Department of Computer Science to grow Duke's offerings in robotics research and education.

Our mission is to conduct world-class research and teaching to train future generations of thinkers and creators in robotics.  We do so by drawing from our breadth of expertise, which ranges from mechanical design, to artificial intelligence and algorithms, to the social implications of robotics.

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